"We are a Preschool and Summer Camp Program that offers excellent care for children throughout the day!"

Teaching the love of learning, developing readers, writers and thinkers

DSS Permit

Summer Camp

While FUMC CHILD DEVELOPMENT CENTER closes its academic doors in May, those same doors quickly re-open to welcome campers to a thirteen week Summer Camp.

The program is available to children 2 to 10 years of age.

Our Summer Camp Staff are energetic men and women who create a warm,
friendly and upbeat summer camp atmosphere in providing a creative and
loving summer break for children who need to be cared for outside the
home.  Your children are loved and protected while they are in our care.

Each week has a different theme of exploration, learning, and play.  Every session will include water play, arts and crafts, outdoor adventures,games, and much, much more.

For Fees and Enrollment Information please go to our ENROLLMENT page of our website.

Summer Fun!

  Field Trips: (for children 4 and up)
  To be announced soon!
Come one week or stay the whole summer!
Summer 2019 Curriculum Schedule - TBA

 (Week 1):                                                         
 (Week 2):                                                         
 (Week 3):                                                              
 (Week 4):                                  

 (Week 5):                                                                  
 (Week 6):                                                               

 (Week 7):                                     
 (Week 8):                                                            
 (Week 9):                 
 (Week 10):                                          
 (Week 11):                                                           

 (Week 12):                
 (Week 13):                                                     

Check out our new brochure below!

Summer Camp  Brochure

Learning Something New